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Light Bulb Supply (Radio)

Today we had the pleasure to fix three of the world’s problems and unlike Miss America we didn't even attempt to take on world peace. No, instead we chose things like zombies, a lack of customer service and light bulbs. What? You didn't think those three things had anything in common! Well they do and today we crushed all of 'em like a 10-0 game of rock paper scissors. Take a listen.


Command Pest Control (Radio)

UPPERCUT™ recently finished production on a radio campaign for its newest client Command Pest Control. The concept introduces listeners to unhappy pests who are being forced to leave their homes because the homeowners have called Command Pest Control. The campaign is scheduled to begin running in Central and Northwest Arkansas. You can listen to three of the Send Your Pests Packing spots below.

Command Pest Control "Ant"

Command Pest Control "Mouse"

Command Pest Control "Roach"

Big Ten Elite: 1976 Rutgers

In 1976, @RutgersMBB was undefeated entering the Final Four. Love to be a part of work that airs nationally.

Clarisonic - Smart Profile

The next generation of sonic cleansing is here. Smart Profile from Clarisonic is designed with smart technology for total body skin transformation. The 4 speed face and body sonic cleansing system will leave you with smooth, radiant skin from head to toe. Smart Profile is enabled with smart technology to provide an enhanced cleansing experience. Smart brush heads are programmed to automatically adjust power and timing to meet your skins needs. Smart Profile is so smart, it even tells you when it is time to replace your Smart Brush Head.

Evraz South Africa

Finding, casting and recording voice talent in English is one thing. Doing it in three different languages is another… We had such a blast working with so many folks in South Africa and logistically it couldn't have gone smoother. We ended up with three different talents in two different studios all while running multiple phone patches for our clients to hear, monitor and direct the session. Then we went to work and wrapped up the sound design. All in all we ended up doing it in English, Zulu and Sepedi. You can select the version you would like (English/ Zulu) in the playlist above.

Director/DP/Editor: Michael McCall

Iesodo JOY

This Christmas Zaya Toonz presents a JOY-ful re-imagining of the Christmas Story. Celebrate Iesodo’s (Yay-Sa-Doe’s) birthday with all your favorite characters! Journey back with us to discover the incredible story of Iesodo’s birth.

Queensborough National Bank & Trust (Radio)

To do BIG business doesn't mean you need to use a BIG conglomerate corporate bank. LOCAL decision makers for both the business AND the bank can make a BIG difference on what gets done. Take Queensborough National Bank & Trust, they're committed to doing what it takes to make sure LOCAL business gets it done.

Queensborough National Bank & Trust "Extended Hours"

Privacystar (Radio)

We got together with our friends at Clarovista to put a stop to unwanted calls and txts, in classic everyday situations. Whether it's that creepy guy who keeps calling or you're a player in more than one sense of the word! Either way who wants their phone going off at the wrong time? These cool little spots for Privacy Star are just what ya need.

PrivacyStar "TxtMessage"

PrivacyStar "Football Android"

NPMC | National Park Medical Center

We had the opportunity to work with EXIT Marketing on a commercial campaign for National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas. National Park prides itself with being patient-oriented and this campaign reflects that.

Here are just a few of the 16 spots in total that were shot and produced. We produced four, 30-second spots as well as 12, 15-second spots. Each spot featured not only National Park Medical Center physicians and staff, but several of their patients as well. The "For Me" campaign promotes the quality results delivered and close relationships developed by the leading specialists at National Park Medical Center.


Meet Iesodo (pronounced Yay-Sa-Doe), a wise dove whose name means "The Way of Jesus"! He and his lovable feathered friends live in the Holy Land in a beautiful Cypress Tree on the shores of a vast Lake (or as we know it, the Sea of Galilee). The birds are an unlikely group of friends, and though they have their differences, they have one thing in common: since they met Iesodo, their lives have never been the same!


One of L'Oréal's Operations sites asked us for collaboration on a Safety Campaign in 2014. The purpose of the campaign was to drive sensitivity to being bold and courageous to elevate the Behavior of safety because nothing they do is worth getting hurt. The Behavior Based Safety program has been recognized within the safety community!

Clark Exterminating

With video it’s always different. Sometimes we are doing the audio while viewing the video other times we build the audio with no visual at all and yet other times it becomes a mix of both. The vocal for these spots were recorded before the CG was created, then when the visual was all done we went back in to do the sound design. Who knew smashing bugs could be so fun and yet if you listen you will never hear a "bug smashing" sound.

Please note that no bugs were actually harmed during the making of these videos, however, we can't say what may have happened the rest of the day!


You’re looking at a new product launch for Evraz, the second largest steel manufacturer in the world. EVRlock is a high strength connection used in the oil and natural gas industry. EVRlock was designed to withstand the high pressures and strains that modern drilling techniques, such as horizontal drilling and fracking, places on these types of connections. These connections are so precise that the threads are measured down to the micron. The video is not just about the connector, but the people behind to scenes that help make, measure, design and test the connections. EVRlock not only makes a great connector, but the company works to make a great connection to their clients.

Director/DP/Editor: Michael McCall

Arkansas A+ Schools

We were able to work with the THEA Foundation to cast and record the voiceover for the opening of the Arkansas A+ Schools. The Thea Foundation's Arkansas A+ Schools is a teaching philosophy rooted in the value of the arts in education and is modeled after the research-based A+ networks in North Carolina and Oklahoma. The A+ Schools Program is touted as the nation's most successful arts-based, whole-school reform model.

Evraz Rail

EVRAZ is the second largest steel manufacturer in the world and the number one producer of rail for railroads. We had the pleasure to work on this piece that played at a vendor trade show specifically geared for Rail in Brazil. An English and Portuguese version were synced and both played on separate screens on different sides of the trade show.

Director/DP/Editor: Michael McCall

Muskogee Regional (Radio)

Muskogee Regional Medical Center and Muskogee Community Hospital have recently merged and created a more comprehensive health system to serve the region. Exit Marketing created a teaser campaign for the unveiling of the health system’s new name that included a radio spot we had the pleasure of operating on. I need an OR, a surgeon, Foley and music stat! (that’s short for statim, the Latin word for immediately BTW) Big thanks to Shawn and Katie for being so awesome to work with.

"Name Announcement"

Eastar Health (Radio)

Eastar Health formally Muskogee Regional Medical Center and Muskogee Community Hospital have recently merged and created a more comprehensive health system to serve the region. Exit Marketing called for a new spot to drive home the name change.

"What's In A Name?"

MHC - Millard-Henry Clinic (Radio)

Saint Mary’s Regional Health System is bringing more complete care to the Arkansas River Valley. The new Millard-Henry Clinic will house 28 medical specialties, making it one of the largest multi-specialty clinics in the state. To help promote the full range of specialties and new patient-focused features available in this modern facility, We had the pleasure to work with EXIT as we conducted on-site interviews with physicians and hospital leadership. Check out 3 of the spots below from the 13 spot testimonial campaign. The radio buy is part of a multi-media campaign that will include outdoor, print and TV.

MHC Robin Kerby

MCH Dennis Berner

MCH Christina Bartlett

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